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November 29, 2010
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In-costume codename: Mr Untouchable
Real Name: Unknown
Other Aliases: Alexander Broderick, Duncan Rockefeller, Dr Allan West (assumed identities)
Height: 6'1
Hair: Blond, dyed brown
Eyes: amber
Skin: surprisingly well-tanned
Occupation: professional super-villain subcontractor
Identity:  Secret
Build: Not athletic, but well-maintained
Race: Caucasian, indications of Hispanic ancestry
Age: unknown, appears to be mid-30's
Gender: Male

Known personal history:
Mr Untouchable is a consummate professional, moving from town to town in America, he tends to find local villains and hire himself out to them, acting as distraction, lieutenant, fund-acquisition or talent scout, brokering a contract with his villainous employer that includes an escape clause and modest severance payment if the mastermind suddenly finds himself with his back to a wall. While irritated that he would disappear when they need him most, would be overlords nevertheless concede that Mr Untouchable is a good man to have on your side when setting things up, it is rumored that a particularly lucrative offer has recently drawn him to Angel Falls, a place of such high work-hazard that he seldom ventures there.

Costume/preferred clothing:
A man of simple tastes, Mr Untouchable wears clothing somewhere between dress and casual, charcoal slacks and comfortable loafers, a white shirt and a dark blazer; he has never been known to wear a costume.

Psych profile:
My Untouchable sees villainy as a job, nothing more, he derives no enjoyment out of what he does but does not actively dislike it either, he simply feels it is the most practical application of his talents. He is loyal as far as his contract goes, upholding himself to a code of conduct, doing what he has to and nothing more. In addition, he is often friendly, even apologetic if he encounters superheros, seeing them as simply fulfilling their job as he is his.

Fighting Style:
Basic knowledge of Boxing; seldom used as he prefers to keep his distance.

Paranormal Powers/Abilities, general:
Mr Untouchable can affect the speed and density of any object in motion, this has a number of application in battle, from stopping bullets in their tracks, to turning a casually flung pebble into a missile capable of punching through a wall, it's his creativity with these powers however that is really of note, known to cause the fists of those that would punch him to have the collective tensile strength of a wafer, turning a Nerf gun into a deadly weapon and otherwise surprising anyone he may face with how he uses his powers. The most obvious application however is his namesake, anything that tries to attack him, hit him, shoot him, fails in one way or another.

Travel Powers:

Other skills/abilities:
Mr Untouchable is a smooth talker without peer, the fact that he can get his villainous employers to consistently sign his ultimately self-serving contract is testament enough to that, his composure is also legendary, remaining calm and collected, even affable in the face of trying situations

Can do nothing to intercept intangible projectiles or forces, cannot affect unmoving objects at all.
And the third and final Open-source OC I have for today, I havfe one more up my sleeve, but since they're actually in a story yet to be posted I want that to be their big reveal before I post the bio, anyway, same story as before, this bio may change in future as I refine his character or as others begin using him, if oyu have any reccomendations then please share them.
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Wow, interesting... Maybe IŽll use him some time in the long term future to fight the Ostrich, if you so approve.
Certainly a possibility, depending on how you handle him he could be a excellent straight man to Ostrich's zany out-there-ness, but Mr Untouchable does generally work for someone else and try to avoid direct confrontation...
You know, I was thinking just now. Nothing is REALLY without movement. Particles move even in solid objects, even though slowly. He could still control "not moving" objects and eve make them explode by acelerating their particles. By lowering them down, they would actually be froxen and if he makes them stop absolutlely, you got absolute zero right there
Very interesting... but then comic book physics have long been prone to impossibilities... and expanding his powers to cover those two extra quirks might... well not make him quite overpowered, but might take away from the core of his abilities and creativity.
It could also be he doesnŽt have that degree of power yet. With exterior power augmentations though, things could get really hard for anyone trying to stop him from doing his tasks
Mmm, well I had envisioned him as an old hand at this sort of thing, not that powerfull overall, maybe a b-lister atbest, but very canny in how he uses it... then again, he's an open source character so he's open to interpretation...
Feredrone Dec 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, here we go. Like I said, I actually really do like Mr. Untouchable, or at least how he sounds. Professional and self-serving, but not in a "bwahahah, I'm going to murder thousands to I can get a discount at Disney Land!" kind of way.

I'm not entirely sure how someone could slip him into a story since he mainly just manages things and gets the hell out when there's fighting involved, but I would be interested in seeing him in action. His abilities have the potiential to make him really, really annoying to deal with, but the fact that he's nothing but polite about everything nips that "problem" in the bud for me. ^_^
Indeed, I thought it'd be nice to have someone that just views things as his dayjob for a change, It could be possibly to just work him into the story as the "igor" until things start to turn to poo, there's nothing that says he has to fight to be involved after all.
Feredrone Dec 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Oh yeah, I know that, it's just that generally speaking stories about the villain doing errands before commiting whatever their evil plan is might be hard to pull off.

Granted, some of those "errands" are breaking into high-security places, but still. He doesn't strike me as the kind of person you'd "waste" on that kind of thing since his skill-set is more administratio-based than anything else.

Hm..oh! He could be used to allow law-breakers to team up with each other, though. :D
Yeah, I was thinking that'd be his primary purpose, gather minions for a big bad.
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