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July 23, 2010
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Standing outside Jessica Riley's Eden Island home, Fantastic Lin loosens the collar of her business wear shirt; the long, arduous meetings with prospective investors in her modeling agency leaving even her worn out. Looking towards the house's facade, Lin looks forward to spending some time with Jessica to unwind… and maybe something more. Knocking on the door, she waits for Jess to open up, keen to surprise her with an unexpected visit. "She's got a nice place, that's for sure..."

Her meditations interrupted by a knock at the door downstairs, Robin cracks one eye open, marginally annoyed. On the couch across from her, Chrissy stares back at her, now more or less accepting of Robin's presence in the house; she shares the mage's puzzlement with the knock at the door.

"What do you say Chrissy, should I see who it is or just ignore them and hope they come back to talk to Jessica later?" Curling up into a ball on the couch, the kitten flicks her ears; clearly communicating it isn't her problem as the doorbell rings out again. Rolling her eyes, Robin mutters to herself as she gets to her feet, and makes her way downstairs. "Of course... what was I expecting of a cat after all? I need more friends to socialize with in this dimension, I love Jessie to bits but she's just not around all the time..."

Yanking open the front door, Robin looks up... and up, at the titanic muscled woman in front of her, suddenly remembering she was clothed only in only bike shorts and a sports bra, Robin regrets not having put something on over them as she stares at one of Angel Falls most recognizable metas. "Uh, hi Lin, I haven't seen you since..." Lapsing into awkward silence, Robin stands in the open doorway, recalling the last time they had been in so much as the same room had been during Jessica's trial.

Lin stands tall, her conservative black business dress-suit and 6" heels, bringing her height up to 6'3, her muscular body making Robin look almost childlike in comparison. Surveying Robin with mild surprise, Lin furrows her brow as she tries to place the woman in front of her. "Hi… Robin, is it? Yeah, I don't think we've seen each other since Jessica's trial. Is she here by the way? I came over to give her a surprise visit, since I was in the neighborhood. Can I come in?" her face softens into a smile.

"Right, sure..." Stamping down the instinctive twinge of apprehension at being around someone so obviously powerful, Robin steps aside into the hallway, holding the door open with one hand and beckoning Lin to enter with the other. "There's something I wanted to talk with you about anyway... sorry about answering the door in workout clothes, I wasn't anticipating going out today so I thought I could catch up on some meditation and Kata."

Entering the condo, Lin smiles disarmingly as she replies. "That's okay, I like to wear that kind of thing most of the time myself, but I was on Eden Island for business meetings, and figured that since Jessica likes seeing me in such clothes and I was in the neighborhood anyway,  I would drop in on her..."

As Lin enters the house, she slips off her heels and put them down in the hallway, dropping her height down to 5'9", only slightly taller than Robin. Her feet unhindered, she heads over to the lounge and sits down carefully one of the couches. "Now, what did you want to talk about?"

"Well, it's about Jessica appropriately enough..." Choosing to remain standing, Robin shifts her feet around uncomfortably, noticing her cloak draped over a nearby chair, she slings it over her shoulders, covering the close-fitting clothing, trying to remove her discomfort in showing her body around others from the already awkward situation. "A couple of night ago we... confessed our love to each other."

A giddy little grin crossing her face for a moment at that memory, Robin giggles to herself, forgetting her company for a moment before pulling herself back to reality. "Anyway, the morning after, she admitted to me that the two of you had... been intimate with each other, and I asked her if the two of you could just be friends for now... and I just want to know where you and I stand from all that?"

Lin's face sinks for a moment, nodding solemnly as she speaks. "I can try to be only friends with her, but I think you know as well as I do that when she wants to have more... intimate times, it's something that you generally either can't, or don't want to stop happening..."

Sighing, she continues. "I hope you can accept that, until I hear differently, I won't start anything with her, but I don't know if I can be held responsible if she starts trying to sex me up... Especially if she goes after these..." Lin adds as she cups her breasts pointedly.

Exchanging a knowing glance with Lin, Robin nods. "Yeah, she does... have quite a tendency to get her own way... on the bright side though, at some point in the future I could be okay with some sort of polygamous relationship, it's just right now we need to work some things out... I can tell that your friendship is very important to Jessie, so I'm glad you're there for her."

Letting out a tense breath she didn't realize she was holding, Robin relaxes a little. "So... what are you planning to do now since Jess isn't here? I think she said something about being in one of the labs at her company today, more work on that energy drink project, she muttered something about 'New reagents' when she left... Or maybe today's the day she meet some other company to trade resources, it's a little hard to keep track."

Lin thinks for a half-beat before she replies. "How about I spend some time with you, then? I have some workout clothing in my car to change into; I would prefer to wear something a little less formal..."

"Oh, okay..." A little surprised, Robin is nonetheless pleased to have some company. "Sure, I could use a buddy for some sparring drills later... or are you proposing we go out somewhere?"

"Let me change first, and then we can figure out what to do with the rest of the day." Lin heads back out to her car, grabbing her heels as she exits. Inside of a minute she's back, and holding a small bag under her arm. "Where would the bathroom be?" Following Robin's mutely pointing finger, Lin changes quickly, returning her dress to the car before returning to the couch, answering Robin's question.  "Whatever you want to do, I wouldn't mind brushing up on my hand to hand combat myself..."

"Well... if we did go out I'd want to change into something more comfy... how about a brief sparring session then we see how things go?" Limbering up, Robin almost reluctantly takes of her cloak once more, setting it down as she stretches; her slender frame a stark comparison to Lin's powerful muscles.

"Sounds fine to me." Lin smiles as she too begins limbering up her muscles for the session.

Slipping into a ju-jitsu stance, Robin creeps forwards, trying to gather from Lin's movements how fast she might be. "So, are powers allowed or is this just basic hand-to-hand?"

"How about we start with melee only, we can always allow for powers and… other tactics later..." With a wink, Lin tosses a light jab at Robin's right shoulder to test her reaction.

Rolling her shoulders to duck the blow, Robin drops down. "You're quicker than Jessica's titan form, but it seems I've still got the edge in speed..." Pivoting in pace, Robin extends one leg, testing if Lin's footing is good enough to prevent her getting knocked from her feet.

Lin's footing stands firm, solid enough that it feels to Robin as if she had tried to leg-sweep twin tree trunks. Unwilling to reach into a possible trap if she bent down to try and strike Robin, Lin motions for her to stand up again.

Wincing slightly as her foot makes contact, Robin is thankful she didn't over-commit to the strike, suspecting Lin's superhuman toughness might have done her a serious injury from her own strike. Sliding back across the floor, Robin ensures she doesn't give Lin a moment to grab her as she stands. Shifting to a Judo stance, Robin tries not to put too much weight on the leg right away. "Okay, ow… Can I take it you're that tough all over?"

"Well, since bullets bounce right off me, I think you can say that..." Lin allows herself a quick chuckle as she charges forwards, throwing a quick left-right combo of open palm strikes at almost 1/4th strength.

Sidestepping the first strike, Robin is forced to directly intercept the second, her forearm catching it and driving it outwards, away from her body. Ignoring the bruise surely already forming from the glancing hit, Robin steps inside Lin's guard, two fingers and her thumb extended into a spear like strike, towards Lin's right shoulder. "I wonder if her pressure points are susceptible..."

Seeing the strike, Lin tries to evade it, the extreme closeness of Robin's attack making it impossible as the strike hits home, numbing her shoulder. Lin curses under her breath as she steps back, using her chi and her working hand to hit the same spot, trying to get the joint to work again...

"That worked better than I'd hoped..." Pressing forward, Robin rapidly strikes at Lin's other pressure points in quick succession, hoping to pre-empt Lin's response, force her onto the defensive.

As various points are hit, and her body begins to stiffen up, Lin mutters to herself, "Damn it! One of these days I have to work out how to better defend myself against this kind of attack..." Seconds pass as Lin tries to intercept Robin's blows with her increasingly unresponsive limbs; calming down she draws upon her chi once more, trying to rapidly unlock all her pressure points at once, her movements freed, Lin puts on a burst of speed, the sudden rush of Chi energizing her limbs as she grabs for Robin.

"Oh, bugger..." Lin's hand grasping her wrist, Robin spins around once again, her own captured arm forming the pivot point, her elbow extends, seeking the pressure point on the arm that had grabbed her.

Negligently, Lin flicks her wrist, sending a slightly surprised Robin on a little flight across the room.

Spreading her arms wide, Robin halts herself in midair, slowly drifting down to alight upon the floorboards once more. "Sorry Lin, Jess and I have done that little dance often enough that a throw just isn't special anymore..." Changing her stance once again, Robin watches Lin, knowing that trying to grapple with her would be a sure way to get pinned; she contemplates if hit and run tactics will still work without pressure-point strikes being a reliable option.

Lin decides to mix things up as she presses the offensive; faking a takedown bid, she throws a right jab, left hook and finally a left roundhouse kick.

Dancing about, Robin winces as evading the jab takes her into the hook, the blow glancing along her ribs, Forced out of her stance slightly, Robin only just ducks as the roundhouse kick whizzes overhead, her hair almost tangling around the limb, As Lin finishes the spin, Robin sees her chance, while Lin still stands on one leg, Robin crouches, striking both fists at her inner-thigh.

Lin hisses as the strikes hit home, slightly weak-kneed as her outstretched foot returns to the floor. Trying to grab Robin while she's still crouched, Lin fails as Robin sways out of her grasp. As her footing returns, Lin launches a flurry of different strikes from her hands along, no longer willing to risk her footing as she forms a wall of attacks to keep Robin at bay.

Holding up both arms to intercept the strikes, Robin grits her teeth as she holds her ground, knowing that this presents an opening to down Lin she might not get again.

Lin continues her barrage, trying to get her hook her strikes around the smaller woman's guard, shifting one foot forward to try and trip Robin.

"Ngh!" A solid impact rattling her arm, Robin's focus drops for a fatal moment, Lin's tripping heel disturbing her own balance, Acting quickly, Robin uses what leverage she can muster to make a heel-drop on the leg Lin had struck with, hoping to push her weakened footing over the edge even as her own becomes vulnerable.

Lin's footing fails and she falls… right on top of Robin, the breath knocked out of both of them from the impact as the pair of grapplers sprawl on the floor.

"Again, I say ow... What say we call this one a draw?" Trying to shift out from under Lin Robin freezes; the realization that Lin was pressed against her in a VERY compromising position suddenly reaching her, lending an undercurrent of strain to her words. "Oh great, now all we need is Jessica to suddenly show up and either accuse me of being a hypocrite and storm off in tears or demand to join in... Lin, please tell me you don't mean to have your hand there..."

Recovering her own breath, Lin innocently asks: "Where?" before realizing where it had ended up, and quickly removing it, her face flushed. Rolling off of Robin, Lin's voice is contrite, with perhaps the slightest edge of suggestiveness. "A draw sounds good. Do you need anything to be massaged out?"

Blushing somewhat herself, Robin shakes her head to clear it, the notion of a sensual massage nonetheless tempting. "Ah, I'll be okay." Sitting up, Robin shifts her shoulders, an almost inaudible crick sounding out. "Regeneration kind of makes chiropractics redundant... well that was interesting, I'll say this much Lin, I very much think I'd prefer never to have to fight you for real..." Shooting her a grin, Robin continues. "But if I did, this was very informative, thanks."

"You're welcome, I guess." Lin stares glumly at the ground. "I just wish there was something besides the punching bags at the SRC could take a full-power strike from me..."

Standing up, Robin goes to fetch her cloak. "Well... I COULD take a punch at full power... I'd just need a little time to regrow my internal organs afterwards... Want to go out and get a bite to eat? I haven't really done much to explore the city since getting here..."

Hastily shaking THAT mental image out of her head, Lin replies earnestly. "Sounds good to me."

"Just give me a few minutes to get changed..." Heading upstairs, Robin rifles through the dresser, shrugging off her cloak and draping it over the bed, selecting a loose-fitting blouse and the tight jeans Jessica had insisted looked good on her, Robin throws them over the form-fitting shorts and top in a true testament to efficient preparation, stepping into the sneakers Jessica had finally caved in and allowed her to get before making her way downstairs again, grabbing the spare house key as she passes. "Okay, I'm ready, are you going to change back?"

Getting to her feet, Lin shakes her head and flips her hair back. "I think I'd rather wear this for now. I'm more comfortable that way, and if something happens it would be easier to fight than that dress..."

"Heh, no arguments there... got anywhere to go in mind?" Moving over to the counter and picking up the small wallet Jessica had left an allowance of money in, Robin ponders if Jessica would have preferred she used the money set aside for 'emergencies' i.e. buying lingerie to surprise Jess with as she had not-so-subtly implied when giving her the wallet, or if she would like the idea of Robin getting to know Lin over lunch. Mentally shrugging, Robin stuffs the wallet and key into a side pocket of her jeans before turning to Lin. "Well I'm ready, car, walk or superpower-transit?"

Lin raises her eyebrow at the idea of 'super-travel'. "Well, I'm not sure what eateries are on Eden Island in walking distance, even with us covering a lot of ground... Car might be a good way to give you a ground level tour of the city and suburbs, but what do you mean by 'superpower-transit'? I can fly, but what would you do?"

"I've got a few tricks up my sleeves..." Flashing a grin as the pair makes their way outside, Robin absently keys in the code for the alarm system as she locks up. "I can do something a little like flight with jets of water, I'm also fond of a form of translocation, but it's been a long time since I've skidded about on an ice-trail... maybe we could race there eh?"

Lin thinks for a couple of seconds before replying. "Maybe that's something we can do when we're both in costume... For today? Let's take the car." That said, she unlocks the car.

Shrugging, Robin makes her way around the car to the passenger side. "I suppose that's probably wise." Sliding inside, Robin eyes the interior with a mix of curiosity and nostalgia. "It's been a long time since I've last been in a car... they don't seem any different from what they were like in my home dimension."

Lin slides in the driver side of the car and starts the engine, letting the AC cool down the car from its time in the sun. They both buckle up and Lin pulls out of her parking spot before she replies. "Oh? You're from another dimension, too? I heard that Soviet Superwoman experienced something similar, but her dimension was in the 50s when she left it." Mentally organizing her map of the area, Lin tries to recall the best local eateries. "Would you rather eat inside the city or in the outlying neighborhoods?"

Shrugging, Robin pokes and prods at the buttons on the dash. "I don't mind... Of course I didn't leave my home dimension under the best of circumstances, but who does eh?"

Lin decides to head out to the suburbs, remembering a number of cafes and casual restaurants spread throughout the area, hastily changing the radio station as Ben Trek ranting about how "It's a disgrace some business woman can murder their way across half the city, claim magic made them do it and get away scot free!" threatens to ruin the appetites of both women, the strains of 'keep your hands off my girl' slightly more palatable background noise as Lin's car crosses the Eden Island bridge.
Okay... the first of a two-parter I've collaborated on with :iconvince3: it references a few characters but only directly includes Lin and Robin so please forgive me if I don't feel like saying "X person referecned belongs to such and such" a whole lot.


Lin written for by :iconvince3: and owned by :iconwillflud:

Robin owned by Me. :iconleviadragon99:

Jessica Riley (referenced enough times that it actually matters) owned by :iconsharkdude5590:
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Lurker-Below Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2010
Fighting and food, they go together like bologna and mustard. :D
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2010
Indeed, though moreso if the fighting is friendly...
Feredrone Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Huh, well this was interesting. I was kind of worried how a sparing match with Lin was going to turn out, but you and Vince really did a great job of handling it.

Their first meeting was interesting too. I was curious just how it would go given how they're both rather loose about sex, yet have sincere feelings for Jessica. If the three of them ever team up, it'll be a sight to see XD

The ending with Ben Trek was a nice touch too. It doesn't beat you over the head with what their feelings about his rant are, but it did nicely show that it's a sore spot for them in one form or another.
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
Yeah, I really wanted to work more with evasion and tactics for Robin... it worked out nicely as a contrast, of course both would be fighting dramatically differently if it ever came to it...

Yeah, that'll be something...

Yeah, it was wactually a last-minute addition, I kinda felt it needed something for a seperation point between it and the other bit.
Feredrone Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
True, Lin has her chi for...all kinds of stuff, and Robin has a nearly unlimited bag of tricks because of the water manipulation. Still, it was a nice sparring match and it was nice to see that Lin didn't just laugh off everything Robin through at her like I was worried she would. ^^

Really? Well it was a great addition if I say so myself. :)
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
Yeah, even Lin has her weak points... no matter how tough, it's still a human body.

Well thanks, glad to know that the tweaking paid off.
vince3 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010   Writer
It will be interesting to see how the dynamic between Robin, Jessica and Lin develops over time, especially if Robin and Lin have more meetings...
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010
Mmmm-Hmmm... Perhaps meet up at the SRC?
vince3 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010   Writer
Always a possibility...;)
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
I'll keep that in mind then.
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