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Chaotic Elemental 6: Geoblade by leviadragon99 Chaotic Elemental 6: Geoblade by leviadragon99
a combination of toa Hewkii's second form and Karapar utilising all parts as well and the remnants of various previous generation figures that were initially used to armour kalmah as it was relaesed first. all six of the elemental six have this kind of configuration

links to others of elemental six:
1st: Archon/fire: [link]
2nd: Minigunner/wind: [link]
3rd: Hydraclaw/water: [link]
4th: Maglord/electricity: [link]
5th: Cryostryke/ice: [link]

by default the leader of the elementals as he is the only one capable of leading. an insightfull and shrewd thinker geoblade is a capable stretegist and a master swordsman, he follows a code of honour and expects others to do the same, with little success. he is friends with maglord as the determination to finish a given task and finish it well is a shared passion. his ability to manipulate gravity strengthens his friendship with maglord as their powers can work in harmony and is capable of shielding his weapons from the debilitating effects of maglords magnetism. many foes have died at geoblades hands, but his actions were always honerable for what little it is worth

twin mid length thin sabers (used here as the claw on his left hand), single long sword and 2 short staff sections, twin scimitar (used here as upper half of claws on upper arms), compact pincer claw halves (here uses as other half of aforementioned claws and his only powered weapon), twin shamshir (capable of linking, scaloped end to scaloped end for a braodsword, here attached to lower arms)

large variety of bladed weapons, skill and adaptability with said weapons. strategic mind

no ranged capabilities other than his throwing blades which is a very finite source of ammunition and deprives him of a useful weapon.

special abilities:
gravity manipulation, change bladed weapons to different configurations,

link to unmodified/uncombined basic kits that comprise its structure: [link]

modified design copyright me.
original kits copyright lego.
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mechaplex Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
Sweet mother o' mercy!!!! What is that???!!! Oh... right... cool!!!
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2008
Were you referring to him as a whole, or some specific part of him (like the bestial backpack)?
mechaplex Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2008
The whole package works very nicely.
Minoru-Kokubunji Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
They should've featured these in the comics! In the final battle!
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
hmm, combine the good and bad guys for the final encounter. I like it, it has the potential for chaos and changing morality. however, within the mythology I have created for them they are not strictly bionicles, and their surrounding world is open to interpretation. also they include pieces from previous generations so they are not strictly those two teams alone.
Minoru-Kokubunji Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
Well, it could've just been armor they found. Like the eyes on Carapar's face could've been used as lights for tunnel exploration and Keetongu's pieces could've been used as armor and Shielding ^_^
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
that actually fits well. I might just make these into some offshoot of bionicle mythos. After all, the bios I have made are primarily character descriptions.
Lord-Makuta Featured By Owner May 22, 2008
Them's a whole lot a weapons there. HE does have a leaderish sort of pose in the picture but it kinda looks like he has two heads.
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner May 23, 2008
That's actually a secondary piece of armour covering the joints and weak points of his helm, in the plotline it was the carapace of a particularly fearsome beast that nearly killed him through that weakness, ever the pragmatist geoblade used its tough shell to make a homemade patch covering this weakness, and thus making a weak point one of his strongest areas. (removing the necessity of adding it to weaknesses incidentally).
Lord-Makuta Featured By Owner May 23, 2008
Just like when Vikings where bear skins over their shoulders, only without the protection :XD:
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner May 24, 2008
he he he, I actually pulled that out of nowhere for a decent response to your comment, but it sounds good so now it is officially canon. I real life I added it because I don't like to leave behind one or two pieces when I amalgamate two or more whole figures, I find it messy and too easy to lose such spares, of course if I am just canabalising 65% or a model or less I don't bother.
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May 19, 2008
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