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Infected Elemental: Cryostryke by leviadragon99 Infected Elemental: Cryostryke by leviadragon99
combination of phantoka kopaka and mistika krika using all parts in a recombinative mixture.

link to form in previous generation:

link to others of infected elementals:
1: maglord: [link]
2: archon: [link]
3: minigunner: [link]
4: hydraclaw: [link]
5: geoblade: [link]

link to pictures of original unmodified kits:
coming as soon as my camera begins to work again.

the first to be affected by the entity known only as "the infection" during an encounter with it when sent on a scouting mission for a potential assassination, it is hardly suprising that cryostryke was the first (and to date only) member of the elementals to succumb fully to it's effects. after being infected cryostryke unwittingly took this affliction back to the others, spreading it shortly before suffering obvious and horrifying symptoms himself. due to being the first, there was little that could be done to combat the onset of the parasite and soon cryostryke became little more than a beast, his armor shattered, his weapons abandoned, his form warped and his mind wiped clean, leaving a grim prophecy for his bretheren. the only reason the beast that was once cryostryke did not immediatly attack the remaining elementals was the trace amounts of the parasite that had already manifested within them, indetectible to all but his new beastial senses, causing his dim beastlike mind to consider them allies once more, thus an uneasy truce was formed and a race against time for those left with their minds intact to try and counteract or at least delay the infection before there was no onle left to find and administer a cure. the other elementals keep this form of cryostryke in captivity, in the hope that he can be cured, and so that he can be a trump card in the most desperate of situations.

multiple organic bone spikes on various points of body including at the ends of all its 6 limbs. serrated metal longsword and twin metal "wing-blades" grafted to three of its arms. three inch thick bone gauntlet on it's right arm.

has sufficient quantity of blades on self in order to be classified a "walking blender" unique body structure allows unconventional and confusing movement patterns. bone density (internal and external) rivals tat of high grade steel. physical capabilities greater than 97% of known organic races and and entities, and 86% of known technological entities.

mutation has progressed to the stage where intellect is minimal and unreasoning rage the primary motivator, thus easy to outwit... not that it'll do much good. lack of ranged or elemental manipulation abilities.

Special abilities:
capacity to randomly and spontaniously adapt to unfavorable conditions or circumstances. near unstoppable due to beastial mentality, resistance to injury and regenerative ability.

Modified design copyright me.
original kits copyright lego.
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Lord-Makuta Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008
Lolz, walking blender.
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2008
I know, I just had ot inject some humor into it for once, particularly given the crazy sense of humor cryoscythe himself posessed
Lord-Makuta Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2008
Krika's spikes really work with this guy's name don't they :D
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2008
makes me glad I came up with the name before I made this version, so that it ends up as serendipity rather than pandering to the nature of the creation.
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October 4, 2008
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